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Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies Aromatherapy Certification Course

Welcome to Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies!

Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies was incorporated in 1995 and operated principally as a retail and wholesale aromatherapy business.  During that time, Colleen taught many aromatherapy classes and workshops in college settings, through community centres and through her businesses.  In 2007, Colleen stepped back from her aromatherapy businesses  to concentrate on her teaching.  It took 2 ½ years to create the Aromatherapy Certification Course – a true labour of love!  Colleen’s expertise in product development and formulation, aromatherapy practice, business and adult education is reflected in the aromatherapy course curriculum. The course is offered through correspondence to allow the learner to work in the comfort of their home and at their own pace.  Ongoing support is offered through email, Skype sessions and phone.  We also provide a peer mentoring option, pairing up new students with those who are further along in the course.  Peer mentoring is advantageous to both learners as the best way to remember something is to teach it!   Colleen continues to take courses and workshops to stay on top of this ever progressing and evolving modality.  In her position as Continuing Education Coordinator for the British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapist, Colleen has worked with some of the leading experts in the aromatherapy field – to name a few, Robert Tisserand, Rhiannon Harris and Marianne Tavares.  This course has passed the rigorous standards and been approved by the AIA, BCAPA, BCAOA and the CFA.

Colleen has always been drawn to the sense of smell. From her youngest memories, she associated people and places with how they smelled, so it is no surprise that she eventually became an aromatherapist! She took her aromatherapy certification in 1995 and can still remember her excitement and sense of awe as she learned more and more about this wonderful healing modality. In this field, new research is constantly being documented and new essential oils discovered. As a Gemini, this appeals to her need to be stimulated and she can honestly say that she has never found this topic boring! Her hope is that you too will discover the magic of aromatherapy!